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Assalamo Alaikum!

Here's the list of Topics discussed in my Blogs. You may find the related posts in different months,listed at the right side of the page.So kindly keep checking the previous posts and the inter-related posts , as well. 

I rely on the words of Allah ...and avoid ..un-necessary discussion , in my posts..

Some repetion in postings  may be found, because I'm up-dating my blogs....

  • The God in Quran
Who/What/Where is God? Whom He loves...? What are His Attributes or Qualities? What does he say about Himself?

Which then of the Bounties of God will you Deny?  New

Challenges to Atheists  New

Quran on New Moon  New

  • Islam in Quran

Contains some compiled posting related to the general concept of Islam and Muslims. It also...deals with some of the common mis-conceptions and social issues like, tolerance, homosexuality...etc..which i'll rearrange later on...View this blog
The up-dated version can be found in "Muslims & Islam" too...View this blog...and  some other blogs...too!

  •  Muslims & Islam 

The concept of being Muslim and Non-Muslim...About Monotheism and Polytheism...About Messengers of Islam ..and Prophet Muhammad S. the Final Messenger of Islam ....view this blog

  • Jesus as. in Quran

 About Jesus a.s ...a human Messenger of Islam...Should he be coming again..Reality or Myth? Worth-reading for Christians and Muslims.....view this blog

  • Prophethood in Quran

Why Prophets? Should an old/new  prophet come after Muhammad S.?  Read Quran's clear views....for Christians and Muslims... View this blog

  • Quran speaks for Quran
Quran Refutes Satanic Influence  (New)

What does the Quran say about Itself? Is it fore-saken/forgotten by some Muslims? 
Shouldn't Quran be the Final Decision for disputed religious issues? (coming soon!)
View this blog

  • Pillars of Islam in Quran

Quran tells what is meant by Islam, practically...Which practices are genuine..
Are Prayer timings according to the Quran?
Does Zakat in general, means Zakat in Quran? (Working on this blog...)View this blog

  • Marriage in Quran

What is the main order about marrying.  Why multiple marriages? Is there anything likeTemporary marriage in Quran?
Mis-conceptions about Divorce... View this blog

  • Veil in Quran

Does Quran mean to restrict Muslim women so badly...that they can't even breath...?
Do Muslim men are required to be Modest...too? View this blog

  • Art in Quran

Is there a ":Laa" NO..for Art in Quran? View this blog

  • Science in Quran

  • Terror & Quran

Does Quran suggest/encourage any injustices?.......view this blog

Does Quran Impose Islam ? New  

Is there a Penalty for Turning Back from Islam? New

The Quran Recognizes the Hypcrites.New

  • Quran & Peace
Islam ultimately means,establishing PEACE in the world....view this blog 

  • My Religion (Essay)

My understanding of Islam. Many Muslim and Non Muslim friends appreciated my essay...Hope you'll find it helpful, too...View this blog
  • Muhammad S. -The Messenger of Mercy (Story)
The story of Prophet Muhammad S.... a presentation of the reasons and evidences of  his noble character ..written by me..View this blog

Hope these blogs will help you develop your understanding of the Quran and Islam,and will remove some confusions and ambiguities from your minds, Inshallah!
Thankyou for reading my posts...Your feed-back will be highly appreciated!



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